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You might notice the instructions on a matchbook.


Close cover. Lose yourself in the fog of your own personal campfire. Hide the secret smell of cigarettes in your sweater. Look closely at the brown speckles and pink tips of each little firestarter. Ask yourself if you will ever quit. Tinder is a life giving thing. Strike gently.


The spattered pink layout of construction marking.


Color in concrete products may vary. You were looking for pink but what you found was neon bubblegum bright. Collect crumbles of it in bundles and lose a few pieces on the way to your studio. Size and weight are approximate.


How exactly garden edging edges.


Add a quick decorative touch. Find out exactly where your lawn ends and the world begins. Place a row of scalloped stones there. It would look great next to the bathtub Mary and your old network satellite dish. How many tenants removed is your cable network provider? Purchase large quantities at a time to ensure consistency.


Close Cover, Strike Gently
Color in Concrete Products May Vary
Add a Quick Decorative Touch
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